Broken Promises (Broken Duet #2)


 Mafia romance
 Age gap
 Touch her and you die vibes
 Steamy as hell
 Insta attraction
 Suspense, angst, twists & betrayal
 Hot, possessive, protective alpha male
 Feisty, virgin FMC


 I.A hit this one out of the park! Book two ramps up with the twists and turns, betrayal, vengeance, dirty talk, and drama and it was AMAZING! I was completely hooked from page one, and basically read this book in one sitting, who needs sleep anyway? - KAGE (GR Review)

 Holy cow!!! I loved this book possibly more than the first!! I am such a giddy fan of this author now and I can't wait to read more!!! - Amy M. (GR Review)

 This duet is terrific! The writing, the characters, the storyline, it is all amazing! I had no choice but to immerse myself in this wonderful story and fall in love with its steamy characters! - Jennifer (GR Review)

 There are some crazy twists, an amazing plot, hot spicy scenes and a story that won't let you go! I absolutely LOVE this duet and Dante and Layla so much! IA Dice is now one of my must-read authors! - Samantha (GR Review)


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North, South… and no Star.

Chicago falls into Dante's hands.

His six-year dream becomes a reality.

But it means nothing without Layla by his side.

The war has ended… peace failed to follow.

Tormented by recent events, Dante struggles to choose a path. Betrayal cuts deep, no matter the circumstances, hatred keeps his mind busy but it's no match for the heart. Going up against love is futile.

Stuck in limbo, ruled by fear and memories, Layla hides from the wrath she knows is coming. Regret is the last thing on her mind. If she could, she'd do it all over again. Hope is all she has left. Hope, that Dante will leave her alone… or find it in him to forgive her.

But hope is the mother of all fools.

Ghosts of the past come back to haunt them both. Reality shatters their dreams when a new threat emerges. A race against time, death, and vengeance.

There's only one rule… there are no rules.




Sneak-peak into readers favourite quotes!

In this tale, the prince may well be the archenemy himself. He carries a gun, talks dirty, fucks angry, and loves fiercely. He's also the one who locked me in the bulletproof house. Not that I mind.


I'll follow her out of this fucking world if she checks out before me. I go where she goes. No exceptions.


?Nothing in my life makes sense. Everything appears to be one giant illusion. I don't know right from wrong. Truth from lies.

Because life isn't a bed of roses. It's not made out of only good moments. Life is hard, uncompromising, and amazing at the same time. And love? Love isn't perfect. If anything, it's a far cry from perfect, but no matter how bad things get, how dark and turbulent, the sun always rises again.


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Trigger Warning

Dark themesAttempted murderViolence