Broken Rules (Broken Duet #1)


 Mafia romance
 Age gap
  Touch her and you die vibes
  Steamy as hell
  Insta attraction
 Suspense, angst, twists & betrayal
 Hot, possessive, protective alpha male
 Feisty, virgin FMC


 Looking for a “I will burn the world down for her” “eyes on me” and “good girl” book? READ THIS!! Mafia romance is just elite. - Makayla (GR Review)

 Mafia Romeo and Juliet. If You're looking for a filthy mafia romance that is filled with smut, go ahead and add Broken Rules to your tbr. - Ngay (GR Review)

 Oh My God - I was hooked from the first chapter and struggled to put this book down. I thought I knew what was coming when out of the blue the author took me in a totally different direction. Absolutely brilliant book. - Suzie (GR Review)

 Dante is just chefs kiss alpha possessive mafia wet dream. His words alone will have you panting but the fact he backs it up with how he treats and worships Layla is next level! - BeerMe_BookClub


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North, South... and a Star.

A six-year war rages in Chicago.

Death is postponed by a debt of gratitude.

Envy encourages the unthinkable.

Hate destroys lives.

Love complicates relationships.

Two enemies wish for the same thing – to take what the other one holds dear. Amid all the chaos—Layla, the perfect bargaining chip for both sides to manipulate.

Divided between two bosses, blinded by her own unfulfilled needs, she ignores the risks and makes an irrevocably dangerous decision. When the enemy becomes an ally, and an ally becomes an enemy, Layla's loyalty starts to lose her battle with reason.

Layla finds love where it shouldn't be. Safety where only danger lies, and happiness in the darkest of places, but in the world of Mafia; rules don't apply. Inhibitions don't exist.

Betrayal hangs in the air, and Layla must decipher the havoc of her past and present to find a way to stay alive.





Sneak-peek into readers favourite quotes!


When she was mine to take, I hesitated.... and that hesitation possibly cost me the only thing I ever wanted this badly.


Two evenings. Three kisses... I'm way over my fucking head with this girl.


I found peace where there should be fear, happiness where there should be disappointment, and love where nothing but death should await.


..only she could tell me to go and never come back. Until then she was mine – a fantasy I was desperate to turn into reality.

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Trigger Warning

Dark themesAttempted sexual assaultViolence