The Taste of Redemption (Deliverance #2)


 Brother's best friend
 Raw, heart-breaking, emotional rollercoaster
 Steamy as hell
 Insta lust
 Suspense, mystery & angst
 Hot, protective hero
 Determined heroine


 I promise you, even after reading the first book, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what this book had install for us. My heart sunk in my chest, my breathing slowed, in fact, I don't think I could breathe until I finished this book. - Books&BubbleBaths

 It was beautiful. It covers the story of struggle, of second chances, of even finding yourself. It is not dark, but it has some elements that may be triggering to some readers. - Boys in Books are Better

 Another 5 star read for me. It was so passionate and gorgeously written. I.A. Dice is a truly remarkable author, please give her a chance if you have some time! 5 stars! - Rachel (GR Review)

 This duet is beyond amazing and this book was the perfect ending to Thomas and Nadia's story. It was raw, emotional, heartbreaking, angsty and passionate. - My Little Booktopia


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It's easier to hide behind a mask than let the true colours shine.
It's easier to love and suffer than love and inflict pain.
It's easier to wait for better days than turn the tide.

Good intentions pave the road to Nadia's own little hell. Her past becomes her present, the vicious cycle starts again, but she's not a helpless, fragile girl anymore. Thomas taught her that she's a survivor.
When the past unleashes its full potential, selflessness gives way to selfishness.
There's just one problem... the bridge that leads back to the safe haven of Thomas's arms is destroyed.

Thomas struggles to take a step forward. The aftermath of Nadia's decision leaves him exposed and wondering whether he deserves to live a meaningful life. The goal is simple--forget about the girl that made him a better man.
But when she runs back home and uncovers her secrets, the foundations of his resolution are shaken.
There's just one thing standing in the way... forgiveness isn't in his nature.

Bury me underground, cover me with a stone and I'll dig the bones out, anyway. What am I?



Sneak-peek into readers favourite quotes!


"You're perfectly imperfect, and you're mine. That's how I like you best."


"And that's what I struggle with most—that she loved the guy who battered her more than the guy who healed her."


“Don't hold it in, and don't put it off until later. Let go,” he whispers. “I've got you. Now, show me how it hurts.”


“Lie better.” He cups my face pressing an affectionate kiss on my forehead. “I don't love you, baby.”

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Trigger Warning

Domestic violencePhysical and emotional abuseDepressionAnxietyMedication abusePTSDSuicide