The Sound Of Salvation (Deliverance #1)


 Brother's best friend
 Emotional rollercoaster
 Steamy as hell
 Insta lust
 Suspense, mystery & angst
 Hot, protective hero
 Determined heroine


 “This book is an emotional roller coaster let me put that out there first, but in the best way. I was hooked from the first few pages and couldn't put this book down.” - S. Red (GR Review)

 Holy Angsty Brothers Best Friend Batman!! Two beautiful but broken people. Coping in ways that aren't really healthy, but both just doing the best they can to stay afloat. - Wendy (GR Review)

 It's a sensual story, I felt every touch, every demon, every pull, lip bite, and KISS. OOF you can write a kiss scene. Kissing is so underrated. Not here and I am one happy reader about it! It's clinging and not letting go…what happens when one does let go?!?! - Marla (GR Review)

 There are many triggers in here so read at your own risk this was a heart pounding spine chilling stomach twisting story but so well written I recommend if you can handle drug abuse regular abuse anxiety panic attacks and much more. - Traci (GR Review)

 “Fu*k I loved this book. I fu*king loved it! I. A. Dice has broken my heart and soul, and whilst most of the time I couldn't stop smiling at how sweet Thomas was towards Nadia, by the end I was shattered.” - My Little Booktopia

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It's easier to control tears than fear.

It's easier to suffer in silence than ask for help.

It's easier to be loved than to love.

Nadia has a past. A messy past full of grief, suffering, and regret. Broken and fragile, she's scared to share her secrets and struggles to move on. Until he comes along. A handsome face; an athletic build; the strength he emanates. He's everything she needs to regain control of her emotions. He's the flicker of light at the end of a dark tunnel. ?
But she refuses to take advantage of what he offers, too scared it'll backfire.

Thomas carries a burden. A heavy burden that left him numb. He hides behind the mask of a playboy, refusing to feel, convinced that fate made a mistake and his job is to fix it. In his orderly world, there's no place for joy and happiness. Until she comes along. A beautiful face; a petite body; a sea of sadness in her eyes. She flips his world upside down with one look, and maybe – just maybe, there is a reason why he's still breathing.

Except she's his best friend's off-limits little sister and if he touches her, she might just be the reason he stops breathing.



Sneak-peek into readers favourite quotes!


Maybe there really is a reason why I'm still breathing. Maybe she's the reason; the chance for redemption. Maybe we're supposed to save each other.


It's too much. He's too much. How he makes me whole is too much, and how I never want him to stop making me whole and normal is by far the biggest too much in the equation. But it's perfect in all its imperfection.


He's the most potent drug I've ever tried. Nothing can compare. I don't understand why; I can't find a single explanation, and I no longer care. Why should I? He eradicates pain.


The closer I am, the calmer she seems. The feeling is mutual. I've not been this quiet in my head for years, but when she's under me, there's no buzzing. No noise.

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Trigger Warning

Domestic violencePhysical and emotional abuseDepressionAnxietyMedication abusePTSD