Too Much (Hayes Brothers Book 1)


 Friends to Lovers
 Steamy, spicy, feel-good smut
 Insta Lust
 Hot, protective MMC
 Feisty, confident FMC
 Standalone in a series - no cliffhanger! 



 This was the first book I've read by I. A. Dice and lemme just tell you, one of the best books I have read! - Morgan (GR Review)

 I love this girl! Her books are captivating and I know I'm gonna love them before even reading them. That's when you get used to the fact that she can't write anything bad and delivers the perfect story every time. - Ana (GR Review)

 This book is amazing! I wasn't able to stop reading it and put it down until I was able to finish it! I need more of the Hayes brothers. - Brittany (GR Review)

 I will forever be recommending this book, and I can't wait to read about more of the brothers! - Kandace (GR Review)

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Only regret the things you haven't done.

Three suitcases and eight-hundred dollars to my name. That's all I had when I fled my home country and moved halfway across the world to California. Escaping my past is easy when everyone I loved, and everyone I never met, deemed me public enemy number one. Making sure my past stays buried should be easy too. That's until he comes along. I should stay away, protect my secret, and build my life from the ground up, but...
He's not a regret I want to have.


Entitled. Arrogant. Loaded. Equipped. Player.

The list goes on. I've been labeled since I can remember. I earned most of those labels too. And I regret nothing. Life is too short for regret. I live mine as if it'll end tomorrow... until she enters the bar; confident, sensible, and funny in her own special way. Walking, talking, breathing perfection. So why am I holding myself back on a short leash?
Good question.

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Art By @artbydoc



Sneak-peek into readers favourite quotes!


There's a difference between hard and fast, little one. Can you handle hard?


If I knew this is what I was missing out on, I would've dared you to kiss me sooner.

You think I'm pretty, Theo? Funny? Interesting? I believe Vegas is just five hours away. How drunk do I need to get you before you say I do?"


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 Trigger Warning

Child SA (off page, mentioned without details)