Too Strong (Hayes Brothers Book 4)


Steamy, spicy, feel-good smut
 Rich Boy/Poor Girl
 Low-key alpha MMC


 Insta attraction
 Confident, quirky FMC
 No cliffhanger!


  When you think you found your favorite brother the author says “oh, no-no darling, I'm not done yet!” And yes, you're falling hard and fast again.
I love the Hayes brothers that's why sometimes it feels like I'm cheating on the others.. but if I.A.Dice keeps giving us this kind of supeior males, i will deal with my guilt later. Just give me all of them. - Regina (Amazon Review)

 I loved this book! Up until this book Logan was my favourite hayes brother then along comes Conor and takes that title ?? I.A.Dice has done it yet again with another incredible book! I loved how different Conor is to the other brothers, I Loved Vee's character and found she was really relatable to which for a reader is always really nice! - Adele (Amazon Review)

 How to choose only one Hayes brother to love .... you can't! Each one is unique and sexy in their own way. Conor though, he may be pushing the top of the pack out of the way. - Rebbecca H (Amazon Review)

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I kissed her.
She slapped me... and then told me to ask her to dinner, only to cancel the date ten minutes later.
After watching my older brothers fall in love, I knew it was a matter of time before I'd be the one mindlessly losing my head over a girl, but I didn't expect it to happen so fast. I was supposed to buy a house, get a job, and spend the next few years enjoying my youth before submitting to one woman for the rest of my life.
Fate had different plans, though, sending me on a mission to pursue a girl who doesn't want to be pursued.
Too bad that fate and the past get in our way...
Just when I think I'm winning, a well-kept Hayes family secret turns our lives upside down.


I told him to ask me out.
And then I found out he's a Hayes. Entitled, rich, spoilt.
I've steered clear of rich boys like him all my life. It's not that difficult, really. Once they realize I live at a trailer park, work two jobs, and drive a battered old car, they disappear faster than they appeared.
But not Conor. He's relentless in his pursuit, a bit awkward, too, with how he plays hot and cold, but the more I get to know him, the more I realize not all rich boys fit in the same bag.
I cave, falling for him hard and fast...
And then I crash when old truths come knocking on our door, tearing us apart.

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Sneak-peek into readers favourite quotes!


"Is this a date, or are we dating?"

"It's a date."

"Then you're getting food, not orgasms."


"I want my fucking forever."



"Not your type? I beg to differ."




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Trigger Warning

Breath playOrgasm denialInfidelity (not MC/FMC)