Too Long (Hayes Brothers Book 6)


Steamy, spicy, feel-good smut
 Fake dating
 He falls first


 Family orientated MMC
 Career driven FMC
 No cliffhanger!


  This book is character-driven, with a delicious spice on top. I highly recommend this book and the Hayes Brothers series. I.A. Dice is a brilliant writer - pick up any of her books, and I guarantee you'll fall in love with her writing. - Regi, Amazon Review

 I love every single story line in this series. The characters are all so different, but each of their stories are so interesting you don't want to put the books down. They are gorgeous and passionate and every girls dream! - Staci, Amazon Review

 The chemistry and spice was some of my favorite out of series. I think it was the perfect conclusion for the series. I wish I could reread this again and again for the first time. - Brittany, Amazon Review

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A woman's value lies in her engagement ring.
At least, that's what my mother believes. She chose my husband-to-be the day I turned sixteen. A husband I don't want.
When my brother's engagement celebration is announced as a week-long cruise, I know my mother will see it as an opportunity. She'll invite the husband-to-be... and all I want is a drama-free week so... I tell her I have someone.
The problem is, I don't.
Enter Colt Hayes, my unexpected knight who agrees to play the role of my boyfriend. The lines between fake and real blur and I hope it's not all just for show.
But just as the trip is about to end, life throws us a curve ball.


The last man standing.

Disappointment is all I felt when I almost lost my life in a car crash. Disappointment that I don't have what my six brothers found already: a wife.
I'm the only single one. It's not from lack of trying, but fate's not in my corner. Just when I'm ready to give up on finding ‘the one', she materializes on my path. And she needs me to act as her fake boyfriend for a week. Why not? There's a spark between us from the start, so I offer to play the part.
But as the waves push us closer, we discover that we want completely different things.

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I. A. Dice in


Sneak-peek into readers favourite quotes!


"That's grounds for a spanking. Watch your mouth if you don't want to be punished."


“I don't share, Addie. I don't let other men touch what's mine, so you need to think hard if you want me to be myself because I guarantee it'll end in blood if Grant gets too close to you.”

“I get to keep you for another day."

Can you keep me for the rest of your life?


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Trigger Warning

Car accident